Tremulous is a fps which uses the Quake 3 engine where 2 teams can be chosen, humans and aliens. The two teams are able to build structures with buildpoints, which are vital to obtain victory. The goal of Tremulous is to eliminate the other team with all their spawns.

But Tremulous is not a fps like the others... The two teams are totally diffrent ( logic, aliens and humans ) but especially, having to build a base and protect it, allows an important strategic plan in the game for each team.

During a match of Tremulous, each team is at one of the three stages of development. These stages are achieved when the entire team exceeds a specific number of enemies killed. Each new stage unlocks new weapons, new upgrades or new structures. If a team reaches a higher stage than the other team's stage, they see their chances of winning increase significantly.


Ligth armour

This is a team oriented to technology.

They use weapons (assault rifles, flame throwers, ...) to improve their attack power. Humans also have high-tech equipment (jetpack, radar, helmets,...) to protect and / or obtain new capabilities (such as flying). They prefer ranged fight.

Humans are very dependent on their base where they can recover ammunition and health points. Accordingly, the human base is concentrated at facilitating the protection of the base by offering powerful defensive structures.



They do not use equipment, but they have switching capacities by moving to different life forms... Aliens fight by melee. All aliens are able to detect the presence of humans in close proximity so they can create ambushes.

Their natural regeneration capacity also enables them to be almost independent of their base. As a result, it has no defensive structures as powerful as the human's structures so the alien's base is often voluntarily dispersed at different points of the map to prevent its destruction in a single attack by humans.

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