Date Type Map Server Screenshots More
21/08/2008 kiwi 2 - 0 <OmG> 4 vs 4 Tremor <OmG|Private> 1 - 2 More

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LineUp Kiwi

  • Ambigioz
  • Veen
  • Sh!ft
  • Pancake

LineUp <OmG>

  • DaftPunk
  • Sin
  • Ellaume
  • Colynn

By Ambigioz, on 21/08/2008

We played an other match,in which they bugbuilded in the downstairs of tremor lol :D

By Veen, on 22/08/2008

xD watta watch gg kiwiwi

By Pancake, on 22/08/2008

I'm impressed about Veen's MD, but I tried it too and it seemed that there was UL or positive lags or something :D

By Tag-watcher, on 22/08/2008

I noticed Veen's tag is in other colors

By Ambigioz, on 22/08/2008

Indeed !