Date Type Map Server Screenshots More
13/11/2008 kiwi 1 - 1 {tHc} 4 vs 4 UTCSb2 {tHc}Private 1 - 2 More

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LineUp Kiwi

  • Pancake
  • OmeGarL
  • gdott9
  • Shift

LineUp {tHc}

  • Lunatik
  • Bouffon
  • Sil
  • Frog

By Pancake, on 13/11/2008

Well, we didn't play good. There was bad lead and Omegarl and me went 999. I lost 6 evo's because of it. anyways, gg :)

By Shift, on 14/11/2008

Gj tHc, rly skilled players ^^
There has been three 999 in the game :/ (only disconnected from the server and not from mumble)
I didn't rly lead 'cause I didn't feel like it . np for the TOT I'll be operationnal with Ambi ;)
We need to play at 100% for the TOT and not like this time at 50% :P

By ambigioz, on 14/11/2008

who cares about tot,don't give too much importance to it otherwise you will face a delusion ^^