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10/11/2008 kiwi 2 - 0 wwF 4 vs 4 ATCS (kiwi.Private) 1 - 2 More

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LineUp Kiwi

  • Shift
  • Ambigioz
  • gdott9
  • Pancake

LineUp wwF

  • Veen
  • Zhada
  • Whinze
  • Scratchy

By Pancake, on 10/11/2008

gg :)

By Shift, on 10/11/2008

nice :)

By ambigioz, on 10/11/2008

execept some lags at the beginning everything went smoothly!(anyways shift,destroy om with a luci jump >_>!)

By Shift, on 11/11/2008

stfu nub, Pancake was supposed to do it .. I did it after anyway ..
gg ! except Ambigioz Nub whinner lagger §§

By Pancake, on 12/11/2008

Shift -.- I destroyed 2 eggs, only 1 egg left above your head and you didn't destroy it because youw ere shooting OM :|

By shift, on 12/11/2008

lolol .. I was down, and Ambigioz told you to shoot OM ! You destroyed eggs .. and died. then he told to me to destroy it, so I shoot at it, then I died, we came back, you destroyed the egg and I destroyed OM §§

By ambigioz, on 12/11/2008

indeed pancake,don't destroy eggs, DESTROY OM!
so it's your fault if that tactic has been slow,sorry shift :P

By Pancake, on 12/11/2008

killing eggs is veru usefull: much less spawning dretches and they need to go out of the base to be able to spawn because of the humans in base. When you destroy OM they can always just spawn.
so, destroying eggs is more usefull at short-term attack (1 attack, and not 5 after each other)

By Pancake, on 12/11/2008

*** out of the base to be able to evolve****

By Shift, on 13/11/2008

lolol lets stop trolling in the comments XD