I'm Shift (my first nickname was tvjunior, but since my brother 'TV' didn't like it I changed nick. btw now I think that tvjunior sucks \o/), a 14 years old little nub (or not) ! I created the kiwi team in August 2006 with my first slave bitch named Pistorm :>
Now the kiwi team is a fucking great team were all members are friends and roxors ยงยง (exept some people who don't play enough).
I stopped to play frequently tremulous in september 2008 but decided to come back to get back my awesome skill that impressed a lot two of my actual slave bitches (namely Ambigioz and Pancake) which are kiwi now and real "Internet friends".
I first was a dictator 'cause of my mentality (little child) but now its okay big_smile
I love all kiwi,