I'm Ambi , my real name is Ambigioz !!!
Well, you will wonder why such a stupid and senseless name ... the story is long, no it isn't , I was just in hospital because i had been operated, and I was so bored that I started to use the medic's computer.
While I was discovering for the first time interent I came across a mmprorroroooog (wot?) website, but every name I chose was not available , then I don't know from what place of my mind .... the name Ambigioz BORN!!!  coolcool

I've been kiwi since 9 or more months of my Tremulous-player-period which is about of 1.7 years , I can say it's the first clan I joned because the only other was a kind of community , I was attracted by this clan by watching some of the members playing (kuro especially smile ) and I have been impressed by their skill ... WHICH NOW IS NOTHING COMPARED TO ME!!! uha uha uha uha (well, I'd like).
I applied to this clan in the same moment as Pancake,who I considered a fucking stupid belgian.and I still do!!!