Date Type Map Server Screenshots More
23/08/2008 kiwi 2 - 0 CoW 3 vs 3 UTCSb2 (kiwi.Private) 1 - 2 More

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LineUp Kiwi

  • Mika
  • gdott9
  • Sh!ft

LineUp CoW

  • Marauder
  • Alex
  • unnamed

By Shift, on 23/08/2008

gg ! they are good players but not organised anough. We won humans game ! It was s1 vs s3 ans then s2 vs s3 and then s3 vs .. s3 superdretchs XD :D Aliens game was easy .. 'cause we rox more aliens then humans I think.

By Shift, on 23/08/2008

2h00 Am /o/

By Ambigioz, on 23/08/2008

lol go to sleep instead of playing ^^

By Pancake, on 23/08/2008

2 h am Oo You guys are bots that don't need sleep or what? xD

By gdott9, on 23/08/2008

gBot9 played instead of me !! =D GG.. And Shift... FEEDER §§

By Shift, on 23/08/2008

yeye. (I got to bed at 5h30 Am)

By Veen, on 24/08/2008

Cétait à quel heure votre match omg >.< sinon gaygay contre des vaches :/

By Shift, on 24/08/2008

By Shift, on 23/08/2008 2h00 Am /o/