Date Type Map Server Screenshots More
25/12/2008 kiwi 0 - 2 Unity 4 vs 4 UTCS (kiwi.Private) No screen More

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LineUp Kiwi

  • Oolon
  • Kazuo
  • Sofian
  • gdott9

LineUp Unity

  • Materazzi
  • Xeeth
  • Bulp
  • Kaitoss

By Pancake, on 25/12/2008

EDIT THS ONE GDOTT9!! ( just did the work for u :P )

By Pancake, on 26/12/2008

<gdott9> they are just to noob to listen ... -_-
<gdott9> omg
<gdott9> i tried the whole human game
<gdott9> "come here", "fallback"...
<gdott9> everybody went in another direction
<gdott9> so i started to play ffa alone
<gdott9> and stoped to lead

LISTEN TO GDOTT9, HEIL GDOTT9 (i thought hitler was a better fuhrer :>)


By Ambigioz, on 26/12/2008

epic fail ^^

By Shift, on 20/01/2009

In CWS with Sofian and Kazuo you need Ambigioz or me to lead :P.
Gdott9 has no authority ! All kiwi can't lead (ex: gdott9) But its because gdott9 thinks that kiwis can also think by themself.. WELL NOT ALL I SEE :P