Date Type Map Server Screenshots More
27/09/2008 kiwi 1 - 1 <|GL|> 4 vs 4 ATCS (kiwi.Private) 1 - x More

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LineUp Kiwi

  • Ambigioz
  • gdott9
  • Pancake
  • Omegarl

LineUp <|GL|>

  • Nunux
  • nigger
  • yhoao
  • Monster

By Ambigioz, on 27/09/2008

screen coming They won with a rc jump... But i had built a pro base in the tunnel!:p

By OmeGarL, on 28/09/2008


By Ambigioz, on 28/09/2008

It's not my fault!!!:D They could have win also with a normal base unless we hadn't moved the rc :(

By Pancake, on 28/09/2008

hehe I amused myself with my marra :p

By Shift, on 28/09/2008

Reactor jump -.- those guys are lame .. why didn't you said no rcjumps ? GL is a noob team !

By NuNuX, on 30/09/2008

Shift you suck :D Ambi is noob builder xD