Date Type Map Server Screenshots More
09/09/2008 kiwi 2 - 0 [SWISS] 4 vs 4 ATCS (kiwi.Private) 1 - x More

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LineUp Kiwi

  • Veen
  • sh!ft
  • gdott9
  • omegarl

LineUp [SWISS]

  • janu
  • ??
  • ??
  • ??

By Ambigioz, on 10/09/2008

If clan weren't organized during playing,i have to congratulatew with them with the organized RAGEQUIT they did at the end of the first match!ยง:D we played only one round so.

By Veen, on 10/09/2008

No comment only i am a god

By Pancake, on 10/09/2008

Ambigioz it is time that you go back to school because your english .. Oo

By >.<, on 10/09/2008

Veen stop acting big

By Pancake, on 10/09/2008

hum i think this diserves 2-0

By Shift, on 11/09/2008

Organised RAGEQUIT yeah ! its like in the end of the first game: Oh I gtg, me too, me too, me too *quit* LOL