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Presentation of Tremulous


Tremulous is a fps which uses the Quake 3 engine where 2 teams can be chosen, humans and aliens. The two teams are able to build structures with buildpoints, which are vital to obtain victory. The goal of Tremulous is to eliminate the other team with all their spawns.

For more information on Tremulous, go to our reserved page with all sorts of information of this magnificent game !

(source: JeuxLinux)

Presentation of the team


There was one time ... the Kiwis!

Ah no, .. not easy to attack people like that !! Let's start again ...

So, one time there were the kiwis...

Animal kiwi

The team was created by Shift and Pistorm who have seen their team explode. We have not stopped with growing and evolving since. Some depatures, but also a lot new kiwis arrived. Currently kiwi excists for more than two year and stays active on Tremulous.

Today, the kiwi team is still alive and kicking, they even go invade the neighbor lands. We recrute french players, but also people from Italy, Belgium and why not from other lands too?

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Here are some informations where you can contact us if there are problems, questions, propositions, if you would like to do a match, apply to our team or anything else...